What’s there to say?  I’m Ido Dubrawsky and this is my blog.  Over the years I’ve worked for a myriad of companies: DejaNews (remember them?), Globeset, Cisco Systems, AT&T, Microsoft, Itron and now Wells Fargo. I have opinions and I’m not afraid to share them. I’ve worked with computers and high technology for well over 20 years now (although I’m not as old as you might think given that bit of information).  You’re welcome to comment and argue with me on things that I post here.  It’s your right to do so…it is a free country…and hopefully it will stay that way.

Now some seem to believe that I’m a left-wing liberal…quite the contrary. I’m an independent who is a slight social liberal but lean more towards being a fiscal conservative (although I don’t buy that whole nonsense about all government spending is wasteful). I really don’t care much for either major political party and refuse to align myself with any of them (even the Libertarians). It seems that some can’t parse my perspective and choose to just lump me in with Democrats — that’s their choice (albeit wrong) — oh well.