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Well, we made it through the 2nd round of the snowpocalypse without losing power (at least not yet…of course I’m sure as I’m writing this we will lose power due to some freak occurrence…or maybe not). I’m worried about my bee hives in the back yard…I’ll need to go out there tomorrow to check to see that they’re up and the upper escape is not covered with snow. I’m also not looking forward to round two of the big cleanup — maybe this time I’ll be able to get my snowblower working and I won’t have to shovel…and then again, maybe not.

All I can say is that I’m tired of the snow for now. A friend sent me this picture and all I can say it that it definitely sums up my feelings about snow for now:

Enough Snow!

Enough Snow!


Power was finally restored sometime early this morning — possibly around 3 AM. We have been slowly getting caught up on chores and other things as we get ready to rumble for round 2 of the “Snowpocalypse”/”Snowmageddon”. One thing I’ve had to do was restore the network (which wasn’t so bad). The thing that irked me the most, though, was that we lost power around 9PM on Friday February 5th 2010 — on Shabbat — when I couldn’t go into DR mode and shutdown the servers cleanly. So, they all crashed even though I do have them all on UPSs. I need to sit down and finish that shutdown script that I’ve been meaning to write so that when one starts to shutdown it signals to the others to shutdown as well.

Recovery of the network took about 45 minutes as the Windows 2003 servers had to check AD — and because they had to check AD, DNS — which is integrated into AD in my home domain — was unavailable for a while. The good news is that all the servers recovered cleanly and network services were restored. Hopefully we won’t see a repeat of the power outage from the last storm and things will be much smoother…(he says as he knocks on the wood desk).

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