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Our garden has been surprisingly explosive lately. We have had a bumper crop of snap beans, zuchinni, and herbs. We’re seeing a huge amount of tomatoes come in as well. We also have finger eggplants coming in. And we still have one and 1/3 more garden beds still unplanted 😦 . As much as I’m dying to get into the garden and to get that last bed in there it seems that time is conspiring against me. I did, however, get the two rain barrels that I wanted (although they still need clean-up, paint, and then installation). However, I’m confident that I’ll get them in place by the end of next week. On the whole I’ve got quite a number of projects on my plate for the garden:

  • Finish digging and installing fourth garden bed
  • Finish rain barrels and install
  • Install drip-irrigation system
  • Build cold frames for fall garden
  • Finish front yard garden plan (long and short term)
  • Plan winter/spring garden
  • Build new composter in back

These are on top of the other things I want to do for next year: build a chicken coop and look into raising chickens, possibly establish a beehive (for help with pollination of crops), start installing a solar PV system to generate electricity, redo the back patio, plan an herb garden on the side of the house, build a deer fence around the entire front yard property (we’re talking about a piece of property that is 75′ from the house to the street and 100′ wide (from one neighbor to the other) — and that’s just the front yard!). I see myself as very fortunate that I have so much property. I look at the Quince’s garden which is June’s Featured Freedom Garden of the Month at Freedom Gardens and they have managed to do so much with a lot that is only 100′ L x 45′ W. They truly inspire me to work harder at this.

On a different note I saw the following article this morning in the New York Times: “A Locally Grown Diet with Fuss but No Muss”. It details a developing trend called “locavores” which was chosen as the 2007 Oxford American Dictionary’s Word of the Year. They even have a website devoted to the idea. I applaud the effort these folks are making and I sympathize with them in terms of not having time to work in the garden to grow their own food. As I understand it these “Locavores” are stemming from the 100-mile diet project of buying your food from within a 100-mile radius of where you live. Another project, and one that I’m working on, is the 100-foot diet from Freedom Gardens. This is where you grow the food that you eat and all the food that you eat comes from within 100 feet of where you live. Eventually I hope to meet that challenge with everything from eggs, vegetables, and even honey. We shall see.

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