After taking time off to allow my left ankle to heal from WHATEVER it was that was bothering it (after numerous trips to the orthopedist, x-rays, MRI and blood work – the doctor was unable to pinpoint the source of the problem) I’ve finally gotten back to running as of a few weeks ago. My Fitbit replacement came last week (the first one died just five weeks after I got it and Fitbit replaced it under warranty!) and I’ve been ramping up my mileage – slowly and carefully. However, even watching what I eat (carefully) I find that my weight has not really moved down.

Normally, as I ramp up my workouts my weight comes down and starts to progress towards 165 lbs – but this time I’m finding my weekly weigh-ins coming in around 170 – 171.5 lbs. I’m not sure why – perhaps I’m not running enough to see that drop that I’ve come to expect or perhaps I’m not tracking my intake as well (although I’ve been very diligent about that). Either way I’ve been a little frustrated with the lack of movement in my weight. I’m planning on doing the Runner’s World Half-Marathon in October of this year (assuming I can keep from getting injured) in addition to several 10Ks and some 5Ks as well. Maybe, as my mileage picks up again (I’m currently only doing about 13 miles a week whereas before my injury I was doing about 20 – 25 miles a week) I’ll start seeing that drop in weight that I expect. I’m also planning on doing more cross-training (cycling, swimming, weights) in order to try and get more balance in my overall fitness so that I hopefully won’t get injured again (we still don’t know what caused the problem with my ankle and I was very disappointed with having to miss the Takoma Park 5K and the Marine Corps Historic Half-Marathon in May).