This morning I was looking over my blog and stumbled upon an old blog I wrote in July of 2010 titled Getting Back where I realized that I had allowed myself to balloon to 210 lbs!

Well, it’s been a long road since then – full of fits and starts in addressing that problem. Back then I set a goal of dropping my weight to 175 lbs and running a marathon in 2011. The good news is that I’m down to 169.8 lbs now although I haven’t done the marathon yet. I’ve had mixed results there – my first attempt at a half-marathon in May of 2011 was interrupted by a business trip to South Africa; my second attempt at the same half-marathon in May of this year was interrupted by a knee injury. Still, I will try again. I’m slowly ramping up my mileage again (did 6 miles on Sunday) and this time I’m also doing weights to strengthen my muscles around my knees as well as cross-training more. My goal of hitting 165 lbs before the end of the year is definitely in sight and the half-marathon is a priority for 2013 with a stretch goal of the Marine Corps marathon next October!