I’ve been seeing the ads from the Israel Ministry of Immigrant Absorption targeted to Israelis living in America (of which I am one) calling on them to return to Israel.  The ads range from the young girl who is mourning the loss of life (and presumably friends) on Yom Hazikaron while her boyfriend things that she is interested in having a nice “candlelit” dinner at her apartment with him to the grandfather and grandmother asking their granddaughter at the start of Channukah what holiday is about to start to which she replies “Christmas!” (there’s one more but it escapes me at the moment).  While the Jewish Federations of North America may be all up in a stir about this campaign, I think one need only look at the following picture (found at The Muqata blog – an odd name for an Israeli blog) and realize that the Ministry is actually very correct (and yes, I know the picture is photoshopped but it does a good job in making the point):

Is Santa's Tefillin Rashi or Rabbeinu Tam?

(Original picture can be found at http://muqata.blogspot.com/)