After many years of NGOs and other organizations trying to slander Israel by claiming it’s an apartheid state (all the while ignoring the fact that Israel has 1.3 million citizens who are Arabs – both Muslim and Christian – who enjoy the same rights and freedoms as the Jewish citizens and bending the definition of apartheid significantly in order to use it as a epithet against Israel) here’s an interesting little tidbit that recently came up.  The Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO) ambassador to the United States calls for the establishment of a Palestinian state that will be free of Jews – i.e. Judenrein.

USA Today reports that this statement was made on Tuesday, September 13th at a meeting with Christian Science Monitor reporters by ambassador Maen Areikat.   Ambasssador Areikat called for a Palestinian state that is free not just of Jews but of minorities of all other faiths as well!  So, who would be the apartheid state then?  The Palestinians want a state based on apartheid and ethnic cleansing – they apparently need this separation to “work on their own national identity.”   Where is the indignation and the outcry from the NGOs and the other organizations who repeatedly slander Israel?  They’re pretty quite about this idea…their silence is pretty deafening and damning.