I’ve been thinking about this quite a bit lately…who are we – as Americans? We are failing to define ourselves (at least in my opinion) and allowing others to do the job for us. Consider the following:

To economists and businesses – we are “consumers” to be encouraged (and in some cases manipulated) to buy (often beyond our means)
To employers – we are “workers” who are to provide our services (and in some cases more than that – our intellectual thoughts and ideas)
To government – we are “taxpayers” to provide revenue
To Wall Street – we are the “Little People” (to borrow from Leona Helmsley)

But who are we really? How do we define ourselves? We must stop being defined only as “consumers” and “workers” and “taxpayers” – we are the People that this country’s founding fathers spoke about when they wrote the Constitution. We are the “one people” that Thomas Jefferson wrote about in the Declaration of Independence. We must define ourselves – if we continue to allow corporations, employers, government and Wall Street to continue defining us – then we are lost.