So the big storm is now gone (has been for about 48 hours) but in its wake it left our street without power. We lost power about 9 PM on Friday night and we stuck it out at home until Sunday afternoon. The irritating issue is that PEPCO has indicated that the majority of the customers in the Montgomery County Maryland service area could have power by tomorrow night. However, when I check PEPCO’s outage map it indicates that our outage may not be fixed until Friday evening at 6PM.

This is REALLY annoying. It seems that PEPCO has restored power to about 80% of those who lost power in the storm at this point. Why then is it going to take them four days to resolve the final 20% of the outages? Ours is simply a downed high voltage line and a transformer…I’ve seen them repair that problem in just a couple of hours in the past. Also, given the number of crews they have out in the field you’d think they could finish the work sooner rather than later.

The other annoying thing is how the plow crews have done a relatively poor job in clearing University Blvd. There are long stretches where it looks like the plows haven’t even been there. I realize that they have a very hard job but the level of effort, especially on a major road like University Blvd, appears very low. I also know from a friend that there plows yesterday who were going up and down Kemp Mill Rd plowing it over and over again – even though there was no snow left on the road – and were told by their dispatchers to continue doing so even though there were many side streets that hadn’t been plowed at all (including mine which is a Montgomery County Public School bus route). When my friend asked the plow driver why they weren’t plowing the side streets he was told that the dispatchers were telling the drivers to “stick to the plan” even though they were reporting that all the snow had been removed. When he asked the driver why they just wouldn’t act on their own the driver replied “You don’t like it? Move!” Unbelievable. No wonder the state is over budget on clearing snow given their inefficiency.