It seems that the world is buying the argument that, no matter what, Israel must have committed war crimes during the recent fighting in Gaza (and in the 2006 war against Lebanon). Never mind the fact that Israel’s military did whatever it could not to target civilians (and provides actual video footage of Israel pilots redirecting missles away from their targets simply because they entered an area with non-combatants) and that it was fighting in a densely populated area and tried its best to minimize the civilian casualties.

Never mind the fact that they were fighting an enemy who delighted and reveled in using human shields and in firing from schools and other civilian-dense population centers. Never mind the fact that Hamas fires rockets and other missiles indiscriminantly against civilian targets in Israel. No, that doesn’t weigh into the calculus of these organizations. Israel, by the very fact that it dared to fight back against an enemy who was firing dozens of missiles a day against its cities, must be guilty of war crimes.

To add insult to injury, not only are the calls coming from outside of Israel but now Israel’s political left-wing is getting into the effort with full force. Setting up a website called “Wanted” using a nom de plume of Mazal Mizrachi the site posts 15 fake “Wanted” posters for Israeli leaders such as Ehud Olmert, Ehud Barak, Tzipi Livni, and others. It directs the reader as to how to get in touch with the International Criminal Court in the The Hague to notify them when one of these 15 are outside of Isreal’s borders. Israel’s left wing has definitely sunk to a new low. What’s even more astounding is that they don’t bother to create a similar “Wanted” site for the leaders of Hamas such as Ismail Hanniyeh, Mahmoud Az-Zahar, and Khaled Meshaal. If the Israeli leaders are allegedly guilt of war crimes then certainly the Hamas leaders are even more so guilty of war crimes. And so is Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas. Where is the call to arrest these murderers?