One of the most difficult things I have heard recently from people that I know is “They’re animals” or “They’re not human.” I am particularly bothered and insulted by this as the statements are made in the context of describing the Palestinians and the Arabs. I get very upset and always respond with “No! That’s wrong…they are people and they are not animals.” I always remind whoever makes such a statement that the Nazis (and even today many white supremicists) described Jews as “vermin” and “sub-human” which made it all that much easier for them to kill 6 million of us before and during World War II. Anytime you de-humanize a person you make it easier to justify killing them. Even though Hamas (or any other Arab terrorist group) uses despicable tactics (like suicide bombing or indiscriminate rocket attacks against civilians) they are still humans and have the capacity to rationalize…they are not animals no matter how deplorable their behavior is or how radical their hate is.

But how do we deal with the Palestinians (and Arabs in general) and in particular Hamas and their like? The video below is extremely disturbing and shows how different the Hamas/Islamic Jihad/Hezbollah mindset is from normal

And this is just a small sampling of similar statements that can be found by a search on YouTube or Google or any other search site. The question is how does Israel, and Israelis in general, relate to such a statement where the speaker professes that “For the Palestinian people death has become an industry” and he revels in the fact that they use human shields. He notes that their (I’m assuming he’s claiming the Palestinian people as a whole in this context) response to Israel (what he calls the “Zionist enemy”) is “We desire death like you desire life.” How do you deal with an opponent who wants to die and is willing to see their children die? The whole concept of peace is based around the premise that both sides want to live and to see a better life and a better world for their children. This mindset is completely anathema to that. I am again reminded of Golda Meir’s quote:

We will only have peace with the Arabs when they love their children more than they hate us.

And right now it seems that peace is very far away and Israel is doing what it must do in order to safeguard it’s citizens.