Oh, this is too funny…Al-Jazeera interviews this guy as an expert on international law and he turns out to say exactly what they don’t want him to say.

Whoops…I guess that ruins their effort to portray the Israeli action in Gaza as being illegal. Israel is rightly responding to Hamas’ provocation by firing their rockets against civilian targets in the Israeli communities near the Gaza border. The effort by the Al-Jazeera anchor to simply state that Israel’s action are illegal simply because of the possibility of collatoral civilian casualties does not fly. If civilian collatoral casualties in a military action were a war crime then no country would be capable of defending itself against terrorist organizations like Hamas since inevitably there would be the possibility of civilian casualties due to the response. The Al-Jazeera anchor’s logic would give free reign to Hamas and Hezbollah to attack with impunity since they always operate from civilian areas.

I’m sorry for the loss of life in Gaza. It’s sad that women, children, and non-combatant men are dying because they are caught in the middle. But Israel is doing everything it can do to minimize the loss of civilian life in the area. War, however, is a messy thing — if that wasn’t the case then there would be no real reason to avoid war. Invariably there will be civilian losses and that is deeply regrettable. But it’s amazing how the world community says nothing when it’s Israeli lives being lost due to rocket fire from Hamas and then cries a terrible cry when Palestinian civilians die because Israel is responding.