Well, last night Microsoft released it’s analysis of the bug that brought 30GB Zune’s to a standstill. The bug, as it turns out, is in a third party clock driver for the Zune. The solution — don’t turn your 30GB Zune on the last day of a leap year (yes, this bug will come back in 4 years if we don’t fix it — which we will but it may take some time). If you have turned on your Zune and it’s locked up then let the battery drain completely before recharging it in the morning. There’s more information on the FAQ over at the zune.net site

I woke up this morning, plugged the 30GB Zune in to the AC charger in the wall to recharge, went and took a shower and by the time I was ready to take the dog for a walk this morning it had recharged and booted up fully. So, I was able to enjoy the morning walk with the dog while listening to NPR. Sweet.