Not less than 24 hours after being elected the new President, Barack Obama has been saddled and blamed for the current economic mess. It seems that the conservative right couldn’t wait until George Bush was out of office before shifting the blame onto the President-elect. Mr. Obama barely had time to relish the victory of the election before being blamed for putting this country into a recession. Rush Limbaugh, on November 6th 2008 started his assault with

The Obama recession is in full swing, ladies and gentlemen. Stocks are dying, which is a precursor of things to come. This is an Obama recession. Might turn into a depression. He hasn’t done anything yet but his ideas are killing the economy. His ideas are killing Wall Street.

(Limbaugh, Rush, “Obama Recession in Full Swing“, November 6, 2008 )

The “Obama Recession”! President-elect Obama has yet to even take the oath of office and Limbaugh as well as other pundits like Sean Hannity are already pinning the blame for the current economic mess on Barack Obama. Unbelievable!

Our current President who just happens to be vacationing, once again, at his ranch in Crawford, TX. is trying to lie as low as possible so that he can quickly get out of town on January 20th. This is a man who has been in charge for the last eight years and is leaving office with an economy that is on the brink of collapse with billions spent on propping up banks (without the necessary oversight to ensure that the money is used appropriately) the automobile industry and who knows what else and Limbaugh and Co. feel that the responsibility truly lies with the President-elect. How far will these guys go to deny the hand that President Bush has had in this debacle?

President Bush may well go down as one of the worst (if not the worst) Presidents in modern history (or perhaps all U.S. history). I cannot imagine how the conservative pundits and talk show hosts make the connection that this is an “Obama Recession” but they do. Limbaugh goes even further with this fallacy by blaming the entire mess on — you guessed it — the Democrats.

So how can you not attribute the market plunge, the market fall to him? In fact, even the 4,000-point plunge, the markets work six to nine months ahead. Believe me, I know these people on Wall Street that run these firms. They’re a bunch of lib Democrats. No question about that. We’ve figured this out. The average investor and these people to whom the money really counts are trying to get as much thrown into this calendar year as possible. People are selling off, taking their gains, which is what led to the plunge. There’s no question it’s the Obama recession. There’s no question. We didn’t have any of this going on during the heart of Bush economic times.

And isn’t it interesting that China is now… We’ve got a story from China today about their demand. The Chinese nation’s demand for oil has plummeted; their demand for gasoline has plummeted. Why? Because the situation in the US economy has led to a slowdown all over the world. Can you believe..? You want to talk about us being a superpower no longer? You want to talk about people who think we need to be cut down to size? Can you believe that the United States subprime mortgage debacle has led to this global mess? So it’s not only correct to say that this is the Obama recession. It’d be even more accurate to say that the worldwide recession has been brought on by the Democrat Party in the United States of America.

(Limbaugh, Rush, “Rush and the Obama Recession“, November 17, 2008 )

I’m astounded by his lack of logic in his arguments. Wall Street is run by a bunch of liberal Democrats (“lib Democrats” as he calls them). They sold off (thereby causing the plung in the Dow in November) in order to take their profits — months before Obama is even sworn in. Then China, seeing the slowdown in the U.S. economy, is also slowing down and dropping their demand for oil. So the overall recession is due to — yep, according to Rush — the Democrat Party! In his twisted mind George Bush and the Republicans had nothing to do with it at all. And I guess Rush believes that “If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it.” (Goebbels, Joseph, found at Next thing you know Limbaugh might claim that Obama is the anti-Christ — oh, wait a minute, that’s already been tried. Somebody get him off the air.