My trusty VALinux Full-On 2240 system finally reached the point where I couldn’t use it. The system disk is fine with Ubuntu 08.04 on it. The problem was with the RAID array that I created using 3 36GB disks. That’s where I stored my VM images and one disk back in June began to have problems. Well, a few weeks ago a second disk began to have problems — wonderful. The issue is that I had it configured as a RAID as a RAID 0 array…just concatenating the three partitions together. Doing that I wasn’t just able to replace a single drive and reconstruct it. Now I had to replace two out of the three drives. Oh joy.

The first thing I needed to do was to “rescue” the VM images I had installed on the RAID array. I copied the images to my desktop system (it pays to have 500GB of available space for this) and saved them that way. Then I ordered 3 73.4GB Seagate ST173404LCV drives from PC Progress in Elk Grove Village, IL. The disks arrived on Monday and I installed them on Tuesday. This time, I built the RAID array using mdadm as a RAID 5 array so that if one of the disks goes south I can always pull it, put another 73.4GB disk in and rebuild the array easily. Now the only thing left to do is to restore the images to the server. Again…oh joy!