Senator John McCain used an image of Paris Hilton (and Brittany Spears) in his latest campaign ad against Barack Obama. Well, looks like Paris Hilton has struck back (unfortunately, WordPress doesn’t support embeding the video from Funny or Die yet so just follow the link).

It’s very funny. “Old White Hair Dude” — at least she has a sense of humor. Can’t say the same thing about Senator McCain whose campaign is starting to sound alot like the George W. Bush campaigns of 2000 and 2004. But that’s not a shock given that he’s hired Steve Schmidt (a protege of Karl Rove) and some others from the Bush 2004 campaign to bring back the low blow mud slinging that was their trademark. Whatever happened to the principled, high-minded, Senator McCain who was admired for his maverick stances on controversial issues? It would be nice to have him running for President rather than this new McBush.