Former Vice President Al Gore has come out in support of the idea of moving as quickly to a post-fossil fuel economy as possible. I whole-heartedly agree. The tricky part will be how to acheive that goal without a) unhinging the American economy too much and b) navigating the morass that is American politics today. While the idea is very laudible and probably from a pure technology perspective reachable (if not by 2018 most likely by 2025) the question remains how to achieve this goal while minimizing the pain felt by Americans. I’m not saying that there won’t be any pain…there will be. We’ve had the OPEC oil needle in our arms for some half-century at this point. Removing it and getting the fossil fuel monkey off our back will be a significant task. But it is doable. It’s a shame that on September 12th 2001 President Bush didn’t make it a national priority to end our addiction to oil and other fossil fuels and declare that renewable energy development would be the “Manhattan Project” of our time rather than tell Americans to “go shopping.” Now we’ve lost almost 7 years of time towards this worthy goal. It’s time for us act. We need this goal and the politicians in Washington (both Republican needs to wake up and Democrat) need to stop their bickering and do something meaningful.