So it seems that Karl Rove has decided to continue defying a congressional subpoena claiming that he’s offered lawmakers “other ways to question him about allegations of political pressure at the Justice Department” (“Rove Defends Defiance of Congressional Subpoena,”, July 14th 2008, It seems that Mr. Rove see the issue centering on whether the senior advisors to the president can be at the beck and call of Congress to answer questions on advice they gave to the President. Somehow I don’t buy that. This is an investigation of potential violations of the law (or at the very least the use of political pressure to pursue legal action against individuals based on their political affiliations and removing Federal prosecutors who were considered “disloyal” to the President). It’s an investigation. Mr. Rove lays out some pretty amazing pre-conditions for his “testimony” — No Transcripts and No Oath. Very nice. If anything is discovered then it’s his word against someone elses. On top of that, if he lies, he hasn’t committed perjury since he wouldn’t be sworn in. This guy is amazing. Sounds to me like he’s got something to hide and he knows it.