For weeks now we’ve had a birds nest that was built in the Rubbermaid shed that is on the side of our house. About three weeks ago I noticed that there were four eggs in there. Awesome I thought! Here’s a chance to record the incubation, birth and development of the birds that had nested in the shed. About a week or so ago one of the eggs hatched. The only reason why I know it was because I happened to go to the shed to get a rubber mallet that I needed in order to finish the third bed in our garden in the front yard (ever since I noticed the eggs I’ve moved all of the tools for the garden from that shed to the sunroom in order to minimize disturbing the mother bird on the eggs). Anyway, I wanted to share the first picture I’ve taken of the new chick (there are actually two that I can see — possibly three but the fourth egg has not hatched yet). So, here they are:
Baby bird in nest
Baby Birds
I’m looking forward to documenting their development as time goes on. We think they’re Song Sparrows but we’re not 100% sure.