Awesome! I was never convinced that acquiring Yahoo! was in our best interest. When I got the e-mail with the letter from Steve Ballmer that we were dropping our bid for Yahoo! I thought “Finally! We’re getting past the madness!” I’ve always felt that we were overpaying for a dying brand and that the effort of integrating Yahoo! into the Microsoft culture and structure would severely strain us. Thank goodness we won’t be going through that now. And I recall that Steve said at TR6 that we had a “fair and reasonable offer” on the table and that he wouldn’t budge from it. I was disappointed that the letter noted that he was willing to raise the stock offer price from $31 to $33 as I felt that even at $31 we were spending more than necessary for a company that has lost it’s way…but now that we’re moving beyond this I’m much happier. Woohoo! Way to go Steve!