So installing Server 2008 using WDS went well. The only problem I had was that I needed to put a couple of drivers on a CD in order to get Server 2008 to utilize the network interface (an Intel 10/100 interface — not a PCI card but built into the motherboard) and a driver for the SCSI interface (which had to be loaded during the install). Once I got the OS installed and configured everything went smoothly — that is until I did a Windows Update. It looks like Server 2008 triggers the same bug that Server 2003 and CentOS 4.4 did in the BIOS of the motherboard. This basically makes the machine unusable since too much disk activity causes the machine to literally turn off for a couple of seconds and then reboot itself. My final solution was from way out in left field — install Ubuntu Server 08.04 on the VALinux system. I’ll post that in my next post in Tech.