I have been extremely dismayed and bothered by the fact that the world is quickly losing its resolve and its moral direction. We recently passed the 40th anniversary of Israel’s Six Day war in which Israel single-handedly defeated Egypt, Jordan and Syria and gained control of the West Bank, the Golan Heights, the Gaza Strip and the Sinai peninsula. Yet today, the Sinai has been handed back to Egypt in exchange for peace, Gaza has been turned over to the Palestinian Authority (led by Hamas), and only the Golan and the West Bank remain in dispute.

This weekend there will be a rally by two organizations to demand the end of the U.S.’ support for the “illegal Israeli military occupation.” Interesting…these groups (one of which is Muslim) don’t make mention about anything related to ending the Palestinian terrorism against Israel. For them, I believe that they simply wish Israel to retreat back from the West Bank and the Golan and take the Palestinian Authority’s assurance that the terrorism will stop. Has Hamas come out publicly and claimed that it will recognize Israel’s right to exist? Has the PLO actually modified their charter? No on both questions. The have conveniently side-stepped the issue in order so that as soon as they get what they want they can restart the attacks against Israel…however this time from a much more secure base.

Similarly, will Syria honestly sign a true peace treaty with Israel if they get the Golan back? Somehow I don’t think so. And yet these organizations in the U.S. as well as elsewhere around the world are mobilizing to conduct boycotts of Israel and Israeli institutions claiming that Israel is an apartheid state. The Muslims constantly equate Israel with Nazi Germany and the Nazis in general and teach their children that the only good Jew is a dead Jew.

The sad thing is that people appear to be buying it. That miserable ex-president Jimmy Carter writes a book equating Israel with Apartheid South Africa and people rally around it. The British teacher’s Union votes to boycott Israeli academicians and people rally around them. Where is reality? The left wing of Western Civilization believes in equal rights and justice for everyone. I believe that too…but I’m not about to walk into a Muslim gas chamber or be beheaded by Mohamed the terrorist willingly! And the sad thing is that the left wing wishes for peace so much that they seem to have adopted the old idea of “Better Red than Dead” when they have NO idea what being “Red” really means. For them, no cause is worth dying for. And that’s why I’m sad. They have no spine.

I’m not for having the war in Iraq continue…but I am for bringing a swift and just end to the conflict. In my opinion President Bush was reckless by choosing to go to war with Iraq…especially on false pretenses. However, we’re there…no we’ve got to figure a way of getting out without leaving that area a decidedly unbridled mess. That’s not going to be done overnight and it’s not going to be easy. But the left wing politicos in this country don’t care. I don’t want to see another U.S. soldier die in Iraq or Afghanistan for that matter, but if we leave now, the world will be in much worse shape than before. That’s the fact that the left wingers simply don’t grasp. They think that if we left everything will go back to being peaceful and peachy-keen over there. And that is the real lie in all this.