Well, U.N. resolution 1701 has gone into effect and the fighting in Lebanon appears to have stopped. I’m sure that Hezbollah will continue to fire on IDF troops until the withdraw back across the international border — the one the U.N. has certified! Of course, that won’t stop the pig Nasrallah and his Hezbollah cronies from violating the U.N. resolution. Already the French (wow…what a surprise!) are back-pedaling on how Hezbollah will be disarmed (they want a “political” disarmament…not a military one..huh?) and Olmert has caved in and accepted the resolution even though, at the last minute, the call for the return of the two Israeli soldiers kidnapped which precipitated this whole conflict, was removed from the resolution! How does Olmert justify this? What was the whole point of the conflict? Why didn’t he let the IDF do what it intended to do — smash Hezbollah all the way up to the Litani river? I can’t imagine his government will survive a no-confidence vote in the Knesset. And it shouldn’t. The return of the two soldiers kidnapped by the Hezbollah terrorists (AND YES…THEY ARE TERRORISTS…THEY ARE NOT FREEDOM FIGHTERS) was central to the entire effort. Now the Olmert government is talking about “negotiating” for their release. How sad…we started the war saying that there would be no negotiations…and now we say we will. Good move Mr. Olmert…now every Arab terrorist organization will start kidnapping Israeli soldiers with the intent to make demands that you have proven you will eventually meet. Why? Because it’s clear that we will negotiate with them. Approximately 110 Israeli soldiers died for what? Not only did Olmert not achieve the objective of obtaining the release of the kidnapped soldiers but he prevented the IDF from implementing its plan to destroy Hezbollah south of the Litani. We come out of this with neither goal acheived and Hezbollah claiming (wrongly so…but what can you expect from Arab terrorists other than lies and deceit) that they won simply because they still survive.

Anyway, here’s a little video that I was sent that I have enjoyed watching…if only it had come completely true:
Yallah Ya Nasrallah…