We lost a good friend today. Our dog of 7 and a half years was put to sleep today. She was becoming increasingly arthritic (she couldn’t climb the stairs very easily and her hips had given out from under several times in the past few months) and we suspect senile as she had snapped at some children who were playing with our children recently as well as she ate out of the compost pile on occassion. We haven’t spent much time with her of late as we have been very busy with our children. I suspect she was depressed as well given that we couldn’t give her the attention she deserved. It was one of the hardest decisions we had to make as I keep thinking that we should have done more for her.

I worry about how I will tell our children when they come home from school today about this. I worry about whether we did the right thing. I wish I had spent more time with her…taken her out more…played ball with her more. Now I hope that she is resting peacefully in Hashem’s grace in Dog Heaven and she’s chasing balls and told what a good dog she is. Tonight I will make out a check to the Humane Society in her name so that she will be remembered. My heart aches for her…but I hope she is no longer in pain.