While capcha has been working great in terms of reducing the amount of comment spam I’ve noticed a new version of comment spam that has been hitting the blog…trackback spam. What is trackback spam you ask…well, in short its where a spammer is able to insert a comment into a blog through the trackback mechanism. Trackback is a way for a blogger to show a list of entries in another blog that refer to a post in the first blog. If you’re confused then you’re okay. Just look at the Wikipedia entry for Trackback and it’ll make sense. Anyway, to deal with Trackback Spam I’ve installed another plugin, Spam Karma to deal with this. This basically bypasses the captcha mechanism. For now, I will continue to moderate the comments until I am completely sure that this stops the Comment/Trackback spam. Once that’s done then I’ll stop moderating the comments. I never even knew about the Trackback mechanism. Oh well…you live and learn 😛