So the EU envoy to Israel, Mark Otte, remarked about the recent pullout from Gaza by saying that this pullout represents a model of how the pullouts from the rest of Samaria, Judea, and Jerusalem should occur. He says:

“Our position regarding the West Bank and east Jerusalem is identical – they are occupied territories, and the future of Jerusalem will also be discussed in negotiations between Israel and the Palestinians”

I find it interesting that the EU sees Jerusalem as “occupied” territory. Occupied territory occurs when an agressor after a war remains on the land conquered from their enemy. However, before 1967 there weren’t any Palestinians. The Gaza strip was occupied by Egypt and Judea and Samaria were occupied by Jordan. Where were the Europeans when Egypt and Jordan were occupying these parts of the “Palestinian” state as set out according to the UN partition plan of 1947. They didn’t care…because the Arabs were being occupied by Arabs.

And what about Arabs occupying Jewish land in Syria, Libya, Iraq, Jordan and other Arab countries? What about Abu-Dis…the Arab city built on expropriated Jewish land after the war of independence? The Europeans don’t care…because it’s Jews who lost their homes. Just like they didn’t care between 1932 – 1945.

In addition, Arutz 7 reports:

The EU also does not take seriously Israel’s demand that the PA fulfill its commitments to disarm Arab terrorist groups. According to the Al-Quds interview, Mr. Otte said the EU does not demand that the PA confront terrorist groups militarily, or that the PA initiate a civil war in order to carry out its obligations.

Wow…there’s an eye-opener. The EU isn’t taking seriously Israel’s demand that the PA fulfill it’s commitment to disarm Hamas, Islamic Jihad, the Al-Aqsa Martyr’s brigade and other terrorists. The EU is basically telling the PA that “hey, it’s okay to keep killing Jews…we couldn’t finish the job but maybe you could.” So much for justice and even-handedness from the Europeans!

I recently read an account from Malachi Wald, a member of the British Jewish Brigade during WWII in the book “The Jewish Brigade” by Morris Beckman. In this account Wald is telling BBC correspondent Michael Elkins of how the Jews first suffered under the Nazis and then had to suffer a second time under the allies as the waited to get out of Europe.

I want you to think of a man coming out of the camps or the forests in 1945, and all he wants is to get out of Europe where everyone he loves is dead, his whole people murdered, and they will not let him go. He comes out of camps and they put him back into camps; no country wants him, only his people in Palestine want him and they will not let him go. Those who do this to him, who do it after all his years of pain, are not the enemy who killed him, but those others from whom he has the right to expect kindness and mercy and justice.
The man looks at the world and what does he see? The eyes that were closed to his suffering are still closed. The hands that were not lifted to help him are not lifted now. The Germans who killed the Jews are free and they have their jobs and their families. They are the mayors and the policemen and the Jews are homeless vermin. The Germans are free and the Jews are back in their camps, and no one wants them. What we learned in 1945 brought a pain that never ends. We learned at last in 1945 what we had not until then really believed. We learned in 1945 that only the Jew cares about the Jew(emphasis added).

And that is what Mark Otte and the EU has taught me again today. Thank you to the Europeans.