So now with the Gaza evacuation complete the demolition of the Israeli settlements begin. And the Arabs just keep pushing more and more. I read Charles Krauthammer’s new op-ed piece in the Washington Post. In this he notes the world’s response to the the Israeli withdrawl from Gaza:

What follows is the world saying, almost in unison, that the Gaza evacuation is just the beginning of a total Israeli retreat, one Dunkirk to be followed by many more. What follows is Condoleezza Rice declaring that “it cannot be Gaza only,” a thrilling encouragement to the Palestinians jeering the Israeli withdrawal with chants of “Gaza today, Jerusalem tomorrow.”

That is entirely true. The Arabs aren’t just interested in Gaza and the West Bank, they want everything…ALL of Israel. Mr. Krauthammer goes on to ask

Is this what the Bush administration wants? More unilateral concessions to an implacable enemy whose “moderate” leader, Mahmoud Abbas, declares that “we will not rest until they leave from all our land” — when Palestinian maps show “our land” as nothing less than all of British Palestine with Israel totally eradicated?

This is a prescription for Israel’s suicide. Or rather murder, because the Israelis are not prepared to march blindly into further unrequited concessions. The final concession will be getting into boats and sailing back to where?


I know a lot of people in my community who voted for Bush in 2004. And I have to say I was shocked. They all claimed that Bush was “better for Israel” than Kerry. That he was looking out for Israel’s best interest. And now his own Secretary of State, Condoleeza Rice, says “it cannot be Gaza only”! She’s as bad as Collin Powell and all the other anti-semitic, anti-Israeli Secretaries of State this country has had in the past half-century.

And what was the Palestinian response to the Israeli withdrawl from Gaza? More Qassam rockets fired at Sderot and Katyusha’s fired into northern Isreal. This is what we should expect? I say to hell with world opinion. Not another inch of land should be given to the Palestinians until they clean their own house, until they reign in the terrorists and accept Israel’s existence.

But that seems unlikely. In response to a pig’s head being thrown into a Jaffa mosque by a Tel-Aviv couple the head of the Israel Islamic Movement, one Sheikh Raad Salah, threatens more violence against Israel. He claims that

“The establishment would like to continue hurting us. The establishment has given a green light to turn more than 50 mosques and dozens of churches into nightclubs for druggies and hookers, and has given legitimacy to attacks on the rest of our holy places, like the one here at Hassan Bek.”

Where is his proof? Let him name one mosque or church that has been turned into a “nightclub for druggies and hookers.” If any group has shown contempt for other religions I’d say that it’s the Arabs and not the Israelis! In addition to the drivel above, the ol’ Sheikh claims

“Jewish terrorists carried out this act against Hassan Bek, but the Israeli establishment bears responsibility for the attack, and will bear responsibility for the fall out as well.”

Wow! Unbelievable! Individual Jewish terrorists carry out an attack on a mosque and it’s Israel as a whole who bears responsibility? But when Hamas and Islamic Jihad attack Israelis (inside or outside the Green Line) the Palestinians claim that they can’t be held responsible for the actions of a few. Hey, Palestinians, you know what people like that are called? HYPOCRITES!

Finally, Sheikh-man claims

“In 1948, 1,200 mosques were destroyed. We will never forget this number. In Tirat Hacarmel, Yavneh, Afula and other places, mosques were turned into synagogues as part of the attempt to erase our culture. “

Again I ask, “Where’s the proof?” Where’s the proof? These people lie so much that not only do their people believe the lies, they believe it themselves. And we’re being asked to make peace with this bunch? Perhaps Rabbi Meir Kahane was right.