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If there’s one thing that amazes me is how some people just don’t analyze what they read. Critical analysis seems to be a skill of a bygone era. Consider that for the past couple of days there has been a thread on the local e-mail list in our community of Kemp Mill. On the list my wife started a bit of a tiff when she e-mailed a response to someone else (and copied the list) and refered to President Bush as the “Doofus-in-Chief.”
Now, a little background is in order. My wife is very much a Democrat (I tend to be independent but can vote either way…yeah, yeah…some say that’s being wishy-washy — I call it “thinking for yourself”). We used to live in Austin, Texas back for a long time (before George Bush was governor — and a pretty pathetic one at that). So we have experience living with a Bush as the nominal “head-of-state.” Anyway you could say we’ve got some water under the bridge with this guy. To make a long story short, several people in this community took some serious offense to my wife calling him “Doofus-in-Chief.” Truth be told, I thought it was quite original and quite fitting. But anyway, I digress.
So they didn’t like him being called “Doofus-in-Chief” and they e-mailed her back about how she showed no respect and that she was pathetic and that she had alot of “anger” bottled up inside of her. Get a life people.
Anyway, I replied to one of the posts with a serious reply. I didn’t call him names, I didn’t use any epithets…I kept it calm and civil. Towards the end of the day I get an e-mail from an individual (we shall use the Kafkaesque method of identification and just call him D) who sits there and says:

My point, and others — including Democrats who have written me off-line — is that referring to a sitting president in the way you chose to was inappropriate.

Ok. Strike one…D is not paying attention to the what I wrote. I was not the one who referred to the President as “Doofus-in-Chief.” He goes on to say:

It is clear, even from your response, that there is an unprecendented level of hatred for this president. You cannot even bring yourself to apologize for your statement, and even trivialize the suffering of the North Koreans living under a repressive, brutal Communist dictatorship. (I guess Tikun Olam only applies if it’s a cause you agree with.)

Strike two. Why should I apologize for a statement that I didn’t even make? And how did my characterization of the North Korean leader Kim Jong Il as a certifiable psycho somehow trivialize the suffering of the North Koreans?
And now strike three:

All your attitude does is to convince people like me — a former Democrat deserted by his party — that your views are based on an irrational hatred and not on sound principle.

If my attitude is based on irrational hatred then this guy clearly didn’t read my post’s in reply.
So, I’ve decided to stop reading or replying to this inane list. Some people are stupid…and I’m just going to let them be stupid. It’s not my lot in life to try and help them correct themselves. When I get the chance I’ll post a sanitized version of the e-mails.

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