So I started work at my new employer, SBC/Callisma. Some of my friends could say I went back over to the dark side now that I am a consultant again…but I have to say it’s refreshing AND I’m quite excited about it. I felt that I had reached a dead-end (or at least a cul-de-sac) in my last position at Cisco Systems. It’s not that I didn’t like the company or the people I was working with, it’s just that I felt like the position I had was not going to be conducive to career growth. SBC/Callisma is like a green field. I have the opportunity to help shape the direction and the format of the security practice there. On top of that I believe I will have the opportunity to work with essentially the same technology as I would have had at Cisco (Ok…not quite the same, but nevertheless close enough). I’m now planning on taking my CCIE Security Lab Exam this July rather than this May. In the meantime I’ve decided to finish my CCSP by the summer.