So the Sunnis in Iraq are all up in a huff about the shooting of the man in the mosque which was caught on tape. CNN reports them as being outraged about this. They quote one man as saying:

“Look at this old man who was slain by them,” said Ahmed Khalil, 40, as he watched the video in his Baghdad shop. “Was he a fighter? Was anybody who was killed inside this mosque a fighter? Where are their weapons? I don’t know what to say.”

These people are unbelievable. If the man in the mosque had had a pistol and the Marine had turned him over only to be shot dead they would have no problem with it…but heaven forbid that a Marine may shoot someone who appears to him to be a legitimate threat. Why are we there helping these people? All they ever want to do is think about how they’re being persecuted by everyone in the world. The arabs need to wake up and smell the coffee! They need to take responsibility for their own mess and stop blaming everyone else in the world for their problems. These people are sitting on top of the primary resource that the rest of the world functions on…and they can’t even take control of their own lives.
The Iraqis need to realize that mistakes will be made. To sit there and expect American soldiers to be willing to die for Iraqi freedom while not making any mistakes is ludicrous. This is a conflict…mistakes do get made in conflicts. It is a sad truth. Now, whether the Marine is guilty of breaking the Law of Armed Conflict…I don’t know. If he did, he should be punished. But if he didn’t then he shouldn’t be punished simply as a bone for the Iraqi public.