Unbelievable! Now according to CNN only the Israelis considered Arafat a terrorist:

“Arafat, who was born in Cairo in 1929, is renowned in the Arab world for pushing the Palestinian cause, while deemed a murderer by Israelis who blamed him for blocking peace and backing terrorists”

Clearly the rest of the world saw him as a wonderful man…only the Israelis couldn’t see him for how good he was? What nonsense is that? The man was a mass-murderer, a thief, a liar; he was scum of the earth…but CNN doesn’t seem to think so. He was the primary obstable to peace in the middle-east. Blood dripped from his hands such that there was a veritable pool of it around his ankles. But G-d forbid that we don’t consider him a “freedom-fighter”! I can see it now…the same historical rewrite by the western world of his life in the same vein they did with Sadat. The man should sleep in Hell with Yassin and Rantisi!

And Jacques Chirac is also amazing in this capacity:

“President Jacques Chirac visited the hospital late in the morning to offer condolences to Arafat’s widow, Suha, and praise her husband as ‘a man of courage and conviction.'”

The only “courage and conviction” he had was to murderer innocent people and to make his own people suffer. If he really had “courage and conviction” he would have made peace with Israel and the Palestinians might be living a better life this day!

This is frightening…the world mourns a mass murderer…and Israelis are reviled as “racists” and “baby-killers” and have an “apartheid state.” Truly the world is upside-down!