So it doens’t look too good right now. Even with Ohio, New Mexico, and Iowa still not reporting a clear winner Bush appears to have sufficient electoral votes that if one of them goes to his column then he will be the winner. Such a shame. Still if that’s the case then I will post a congratulations to him. Until then, we shall have to wait and see.

I truly thought America was tired of the Bush’s and the Republicans shenanigans but I guess I was wrong. So we will have four more years of war, more money poured down the Iraqi drain, more American lives lost, and corporations will become more powerful and the class warfare and gap will continue to grow. If that’s how the majority of America wants it then that’s how it will be. Not that I won’t benefit from this by having a lower tax rate…but I fear that my children will be paying during their lives for the enjoyment we have today. Bush and the Republicans need to show fiscal responsibility. If they continue to deal with the economy and the federal budget the way they’ve been going then we are certainly headed for some tough times.

To all you Democrats…WAKE UP! You must refocus your agenda! Stop talking about tax and spend…show fiscal responsibility. Use your votes at every turn to demand that the Republicans follow the “Pay-as-you-Go” mantra. Demand that the Republicans not shove their alleged morality into every American’s face! Be centrist, be responsible, and be vigilant! Give the American people a real choice so that they will see the Democratic party as the party of the PEOPLE not just the rich! George Bush did well in this campaign by projecting himself as a “regular” guy…one who has the middle-class’s interests at heart! He has usurped the message of the Democratic party enough that people believe that he is for the middle-class…

Our democracy is at stake if the middle-class disappears.