So here we are…two days before, perhaps, the most critical election of this country. Both candidates are neck and neck (so far as the polls indicate) and the possibility that we will not know the winner on November 3rd is very high. I can only hope that the new voters who ostensibly will turn out on Tuesday will decide the outcome unequivocally. I also hope that they will all turn out for Kerry…another four years of ‘W’ and this country could be in some very serious trouble. More tax cuts (while I benefit from them I also am quite well aware of the detrimental effect such an irresponsible fiscal policy will have on the future of this economy) for everyone, privatizing social security, no real health care plan…his talk is all that…talk and nothing more. The man is a failure at foreign policy…even though he has surrounded himself with people who are supposedly well versed in this arena. We are isolated in the world, we have isolated Israel even further and endangered her survival as well by our failure to address the real issues in the middle east, and now ‘W’ and the Republicans endanger the American people as well with their lack of fiscal responsibility. Not that the Democrats have a better plan…but at least they may try and salvage a bad situation from getting worse.