So, CNN reports that another American, Eugene Armstrong, has been beheaded by Arab Islamic Terrorists. This is unbelievable. I know that there are people out there who say “Islam is a religion of peace” and “The terrorists do not represent Islam” but I find it very hard to accept this notion when Muslims appear to be quite willing to be silent on the brutality and the senselessness of these killings.
I don’t agree with our having gone into Iraq…personnally I feel that we should have left things the way they were…over 1000 Americans would still be alive today if we hadn’t started this war. And now we get to witness the true nature of Islam. These terrorists are not G-d fearing people. If they were then they would not kill indiscriminately the way they do. They’re nothing more than the worst murderers on the face of the Earth. I’m not justifying going into Iraq as noble and worthwhile…quite the contrary, but I think Americans, and the world in general, need to see the exact nature of the enemy they’re facing. We need to stop deluding ourselves into believing that we can reason with these people…they don’t think along those lines.